Listed below are some of the other places where photos on this site have been published...



Sky & Telescope December 2012
"Hollow & Cluster" - The Bubble Nebula with Scorpion Cluster (NGC7635 - M52)




"The Universe" Season Four (The History Channel)
Perseus Double Cluster (NGC884 - NGC869), scheduled to air on Sep 29th, 2009



DéCOUVERTE Magazine, No. 363 July 2009: Revue du Palais de la découverte
Perseus Double Cluster feature




APOD (Astronomy Picture of the Day) April 28, 2009
NGC 4565: Galaxy on the Edge



Sky & Telescope April 2009
"Double Delight" - Perseus Double Cluster (NGC884 - NGC869)




APOD (Astronomy Picture of the Day) March 26, 2009
Stars Young and Old (M46)



Astro Photo Insight Feb/Mar 2009
Orion Nebula mosaic magazine cover


APOD (Astronomy Picture of the Day) January 3, 2009
Perseus Double Cluster (NGC884 - NGC869)



Sky & Telescope's Beautilful Universe 2007 Edition
Full Moon in H-alpha astrophotography photo contest 3rd place winner



(NASA) Imagine the Universe! 14th Edition 2010 DVD
Perseus Double Cluster (NGC884 - NGC869)