PLEASE NOTE: ShutterDrive development will not continue beyond the current release 1.4.
Thank you for supporting the project.

ShutterDrive is intended for use only with Astro Haven™ clamshell observatories

Only $20

ShutterDrive is a straight forward, stand-alone application that can precisely control the opening and closing tasks of your Astro Haven™ motorized clamshell observatory. Although these systems mechanically work very well, lacking is a polished way to remotely activate them and involves holding down keys in a terminal window to control the shutters. Before now, this has been cumbersome and somewhat invonvenient. ShutterDrive is a more accessible solution with an intuitive interface that lets you safely take control of your dome with precision and ease. Here are some features and advantages:
  • One button click can fully lower or raise either side of the your dome

  • Step buttons allow you to partially raise or lower either side in increments for the exact height you need without blindly guessing

  • Protection against powering both shutter sides at once causing a possible blown fuse in the control box. AstroHaven cautions that running both sides simultaneously could cause this scenario with the high amperage motors

  • Can be automated by CCDAutoPilot or ACP making ShutterDrive available to just about any automation software

  • Option to receive a confirmation email after an automatic open or close by 3rd party app

  • Configurable safe guard built-in to handle a limit switch hardware failure

  • Easy to set up. Just select the COM port that is connected to your dome and click 'connect'. Your done!

  • Free updates on future minor updates or bug fixes and half off any major version release

  • NOTE: 32-bit Windows operating systems only (64-bit not tested)

It is recommended that you first download ShutterDrive and try it out using the trial period first to see if it suits your needs. If so, use the PayPal link to the left to get your registered serial number for just $20. After your order is processed, a serial number will be emailed to you with instructions.


ShutterDrive 1.4 (Free to try for 4 launches)

PDF User's Guide Only (Included with the application)
Version History:

2009-03-11 Version 1.4 - Added a more robust and customizable fail-safe routine for handling a limit switch hardware failure and other minor enhancements. This update is HIGHLY recommended over any previous version for maximum dome protection in the event of a failure. Please read the newly updated user guide regarding this feature.

2009-02-15 Version 1.3 - Added ability to enter custom interface labels for side [A] and [B] in the preferences panel.

2008-11-21 Version 1.2 - Added ability to send out an email confirmation after automating a full dome open or close. For remote users not able to visually inspect the state of their dome, this feature lets them easily check that the shutters were successfully moved by a 3rd party application simply by checking their email. The close state of shutter side [A] and [B] is time stamped in the message. Failure to sense a dome limit switch for whatever reason will also be emailed. Two .bat files are now included in the install as an alternative for 3rd party apps that may not work correctly using command line shortcuts which trigger the automatic open/close feature of ShutterDrive.

2008-11-12 Version 1.1 - Same application and functionality was re-written from the ground up in MS Visual Basic 2008 for the possibility of future ASCOM compliance. This also reduced the application file size considerably and accepts command line paramters via shortcuts for the 'launch to auto-open/close' feature as opposed to having separately compiled executables. In addition, a free trial option was added and a new registration system had to be incorporated. Because of this, version 1.0 users will need a new license for 1.1, which is of course free.

2008-10-24 Version 1.0 - Original release, written in REALBasic V5.