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n 2009 I set out to do something that has been on my personal list since my college days– finally write and produce a complete music album. What a learning experience it was. I’ve tinkered around with electronic music on and off for a long time, starting it all by just being an avid listener. I soon wanted to do more than listen, and the rest came over time. It was always intended to be done on a hobby level, but I have been able to take advantage of using the skill on occasion in my own design work and video sound tracks.

Umbra represents somewhat of a departure from all previous writings and centers around ambient, space-themed music. Written entirely in Apple Logic Pro on a one and half octave MIDI controller, it was distributed to a number of vendors like iTunes through CD Baby on the label FORD Productions. The first batch of physical CDs was sold, but digital downloads are available. Visit the official music site to hear all of the track samples.

The Color of Taj

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